The Need For Physical Fitness In Everyday Life


In this busy world, everyone is seen to be suffering from many health complications. Apart from this, they too suffer from depression and other tensions. Due to all these things, all the people need some the relaxation for themselves. One can get that by going for the physical fitness program.

It is proved by the researchers that the physical activity and exercises are very important for everyone. They play an important role in everyone life starting from children to adults of all ages. If one goes for regular physical activity, then it is seen that the person has got good health and lead a better life.

When it comes to physical fitness or workouts, there is a misconception among the people that athletics or bodybuilders only do them. But, this is not the truth at all. Physical fitness promotes good health as well as it improves the mental conditions of a person. When it is sum up, it can be said that they have provided e a good quality of life.

In a research done by the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, chronic diseases cause seven deaths out of a total of 10 people in the US. When it comes to the US, it is found out that about 86 percent of US people suffer from chronic diseases. But one can able to decrease the risk of chronic diseases by going for regular fitness and exercises.

Some of the benefits that physical fitness provide to you are mentioned below.

• Increase life expectancy

There are many studies which show that if anyone goes for regular physical activity, then it helps in increasing the life expectancy. Regular exercises to reduces the risk of getting premature mortality. They too help in keeping the body active all day and helps in living longer.

• Increase quality of life

A bad lifestyle usually affects the life by both physically and mentally. If one is inactive physically, then it increases the risk of diseases. So if you go for exercises, then it will ultimately improve the health as well as improve the lifestyle. By going for it, it will help in improving the quality of life.

• Improve health

If one does regular physical fitness exercises, then it helps in improving health. Due to fitness, it improves the muscles, bones as well as health. As a result, the risk of suffering from diseases gets decreases.

• Lift mood

Physical activity helps in lifting the mood. It can improve the bad mood to a good mood. It helps in relieving the stress, anxiety, anger, and depression. In this way, it helps in improving the mood of a person.

• Keep doctors away

By going for regular fitness, it helps in keeping the diseases away from the body. It too helps in improving the mental conditions. Due to all these things, it can keep the doctors and hospitals away from you by making you fit.

With all these important factors that lie inside the physical fitness, one should not avoid this at all. Everyone should take some time from their busy schedule for these things so that they can keep themselves fit and stronger.

Role Of Education In A Society


Education is said to be one of the important things in everyone life. It plays an important role in the modern world. People need some good quality education to survive in a society. The mind is like a small processor. It processes all the time and tries to get the new information and then it analyzes with the context. This helps the mind to learn more things and to gain some more knowledge.

It is seen that education is like a necessity to society. It is used as a type of tool which is used for reaching the specific target. Education is now acting like a cohering and indispensable thing. Education mixes with the society in such a way that it cannot be separated from two distinct entities.

As per a survey was done by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), it shows how the institutions present in the world dominates in educating the students with their high-quality education. In this survey, Canada topped the list and got the tag of the most educated country in the world. As per OECD, about 56 percent of adults have got some higher education after high school.

Japan followed Canada with 50.50 percent, Israel by 49.90 percent, Korea by 46.86 percent and the US by 45.96 percent. Education helps in many ways. It gives the opportunity to everyone to have a good life in society.

Some of the other important purposes that are provided by education are as follows.

Character building

In building the character of a person, education plays an important role in it. It allows people to grow and develop themselves as an individual. Education provides the important values of life and allows your mind to learn more about other interesting facts. It also helps in improving problem-solving skills, social skills as well as some creative skills.

Personal aspiration

There are many times when people think about some more earnings and expect more from yourself. This thing helps a lot as they help in growing. One also goes for switching the companies to get some better earning or higher post. But all this is possible due to the education. Your education helps in giving you a promotion and to earn some more from your job.

Stability in life

Education is important as it helps you to get the job at the later part of your life. All need decent employment and a decent amount from the company to have a stable life. And all these things are possible for you if you get a decent education. Education empowers you with all the things that make your life stable, and you get a comfortable life.

Job efficiency

It is seen that companies when hiring for the employees seek a more educated person. This is because a more educated person has got more knowledge and ideas about how to do a particular job or how to sustain under a pressure environment. So, it is important for you to get high education.

Education continuously helps in shaping up your character along with your life. So it is always wise to go for a good education and to gain continuous knowledge about all the things. It will help you to have a good life.

How Lifestyle Affects Health And Well Being?


Health is said to be a complex and multi-factorial. It gets influenced due to some things which include the family history of illness, age, employment, living conditions, and education. When it comes to the lifestyle, it is usually get developed due to the way the people live by people. This gets affected by the economic. Political, religious and cultural things.

In short, one can say that these characteristics of inhabitants for the region develop in special time as well as place. As per who, it said that lifestyles affect the health and this is on the rising. It said that about 60 percent health issues and problems are related due to the lifestyle. Currently, most of the people lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

Due to all this, they suffer disability, illness or even die to diseases. When it comes to diseases, it is seen that there is a rise in joint problems, vascular diseases: skeletal problems, metabolic diseases due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Apart from this, people to have suffered from other changes. These changes include an unhealthy diet, malnutrition, alcohol drinking, smoking, drug and many more.

The next problem that is now emerging at a fast rate is the IT. Nowadays, internet, as well as virtual communication networks, are growing and they play an important role in changing the modern world. With this, they affect the physical as well as mental health of individuals.

Some of the factors which influence the health and are variables for the lifestyles are mentioned below.

• Exercise

It is very important that one should do the exercise every day. This is because it will keep the body and mind free from all types of stress and tensions. This also helps in treating some health problems. So, it is always advised that one should include the exercise in the lifestyle.


BMI or Body Mass Index is said to be one of the important parts of the lifestyle. This is because it has got a direct as well as positive relationships with the health. Obesity arises due to poor diet and its consequences. SO it is very important that BMI should be maintained in a great way.

• Sleeping time

Sleep is the basic thing that your body needs. If one doesn’t get enough sleep, then it will ultimately affect the economic, social, psychological and health conditions. So one needs to sleep at least 7-8 hours per day.

• Addiction

Addiction is one of the most dangerous things in the lifestyle. Most of the people are addicted to smoking, drugs or alcohols. These things affect the body and create various diseases. One may have asthma, cancer, brain injury as well as cardiovascular diseases due to this.

• Modern technologies

It is seen that advanced technology affects the lives of all humans. There is a lot of misuse of technology, and it causes many health issues. If anyone using the technology for more hours than it should be, it will disturb the sleep and can cause depression symptoms.
These are some of the common factors that generally people go for in their life. This thing must be done within a limit otherwise it will affect the well being of people.